22 March 2017
The Russian Way, THE MOVER

15 February 2017
Our services are faim 3.1 certified

20 January 2017
Service quality report for 2016

12 September 2016
On September 10 IWM has celebrated 20 years Anniversary in the Industry

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24 June 2016
How many boxes needs your life?

I never felt that I have to much staff. You know, if you start throwing useless things away you will have so many reasons why this or that thing is the most indispensable in the whole world.†Nevertheless, I tried. My conscience is clear. I worked so hard trying to amaze my friends and family, but […]

12 June 2016
Where to move to find your dream-bed

It is known that you need some time to adaptate to another culture and society after moving. It is specially true for children. †I`ve seen many families that moved with children or moved to have children in other countries. All of them have different stories. My mum`s classmate moved with her eldest daughter to Israel. […]