What do I miss in America?

As we all know, expats always miss something in their new countries. Russians traditionally cry about «dark bread», herring (this one is easy to find in your nearest grocery store). «Dark» or as Russians call it «black» bread is sold in Russian stores or in any kind of «International» markets. I live in Los Angeles and finding Russian food is very easy for me. Right now I am chewing on Russian-style sunflower seeds and had Russian style poppy seeds cake with my morning coffee!

But there are few things I miss even in California.

You cannot find Russian farmers cheese. Even in Russian store they sell fat free version which has nothing similar with Russian «tvarog» I sometimes crave. When I come to Russia, I load on it and looking for every excuse to eat syrniks for breakfast.


I miss Russian specialty «syrniki» a lot!

I was raised in the family with tea cult. I used to drink 10 cups a day. Of course, I heard the rumor that there is «no tea in America» and of course it’s not true. There is every imaginable kind of tea and it’s not hard-to-get. Sure, Americans are coffee drinkers but if you love tea, you won’t have any problems to find any sort of loose tea or tea bags of Taiwanese Oolong, Japanese Genmaicha and tons of flavored green tea. But the strange thing is that I almost stopped drinking tea. Occasionally I have an iced tea and recently I switched to iced tea lemonade — delicious!


This is not a real tea!

Sometimes I make tea, but hardly can drink more than one cup. I miss my tea habit! I think that the reason is a warm climate. I don’t need to drink hot beverage to warm up! It’s not fun when you start sweating after hot tea, iced drinks are much better!