How Moving Companies Calculate Costs

Let’s talk about factors that contribute to the cost of moving and how moving companies calculate costs.


How moving companies calculate costs?

Distance. Where are you moving?  The farther you are moving, the more expensive the cost.

Volume of moving goods — is one of the main contributor to the cost of the move. It affects the size of the moving truck, amount of packaging material, packers salary etc….

Weight of your personal effects. Of course nobody will weigh your furniture and dishes but if you have extra heavy items or need special equipment for loading and transportation it will affect the cost of moving.

Time. It’s very simple — moving companies calculate their costs based on how much time it will take them to complete the move. Packers are usually paid by hour (I explained why good packers can’t be cheap) and if the company will underestimate time, they lose money.

Other factors. Moving on a weekend, parking permits and tons of other details contribute to the cost.

But to be honest with you usually we simple multiply your cubic meters (or feets) by fixed sum — it’s that easy!