How Americans move? Numbers don’t lie!

During several years of living in America, I’ve already moved 3 times which made me a part of Americans who are always on the move from one place to another, from one city to another city. Numbers don’t lie: 43 million Americans move each year.

The main reason for moving — get closer to your job — it’s very typical for an American — to find a job in another city and if it takes more than one hour to get there, they move to the new place.
The average American moves 12 times in a lifetime and 33% renters move every year.


Americans on the move!

The high moving season starts in the end of May and lasts all summer. The school is over, that means that parents try to move, so kids can start school in the fall in the new place. Summer is a wedding season and lots of newly weds move in together. If you want to move in the end of the month when usually apartments lease is over, you also should plan your move in advance.
A lot of condos and apartment buildings prohibit tenants to move on weekends — that should be taken into consideration.

  • Americans — are big fans of «Do It Yourself Moves». You can buy packing material in the moving supply store or from the moving companies. You can rent small moving truck and drive it or you can rent a bigger truck and hire a driver with special license to drive it.

How much does it cost? Moving truck is $20-30 per hour. Regular boxes cost from $2 to $4 (to move average one bedroom apartment you will need at least 20 boxes).


How Americans move?

This moving kit including 12 different size boxes, packing tapes, bubble wrap and box marker will cost you $50-60. You might need at least 2 of those.

Renting a dolly is $19.99 — you will need it to move boxes and furniture from the house to the truck.

Americans usually ask their friends and family to help packing and moving and in return they will help you when you’ll be on the move. But I still prefer «all-inclusive-move» and always hire moving company.