How many boxes needs your life?

I never felt that I have to much staff. You know, if you start throwing useless things away you will have so many reasons why this or that thing is the most indispensable in the whole world. Nevertheless, I tried. My conscience is clear. I worked so hard trying to amaze my friends and family, […]

Where to move to find your dream-bed

It is known that you need some time to adaptate to another culture and society after moving. It is specially true for children.  I`ve seen many families that moved with children or moved to have children in other countries. All of them have different stories.

My mum`s classmate moved with her eldest daughter to Israel. […]

Reasons to move or not to move to Germany

To be honest, till one moment I didn`t think about moving at all, but because of my job, I understood that moving to another city will be a good opportunity for me. I needed changes.
Germany is known to me, so it is a good variant. I started to think about advantages and disadvantages of […]

What do I miss in America?

What do I miss in America? I don't crave Russian food at all and if I do, it's easy to find. There is only one thing I really miss...

How to relax after moving

I moved so many times in my life! Last time I moved several weeks ago and this month I am moving again... Moving is a stressful process and I'd like to share my tips on how to relax after it's over.

Russian Small Talk

The art of small talk. Difference between Russian and American mentality.

How Moving Companies Calculate Costs

Let's talk about factors that contribute to the cost of moving and how moving companies calculate costs...

10 reasons to live in Moscow

Moscow looks like cruise ship, where everything glows and shines. It is a city of glamor...

Moscow through the eyes of a foreigner

Moscow through the eyes of a foreigner
It’s been 9 years since I moved to California but Moscow is still «my city». I was born and raised in Moscow and lived there «all my life».

Do I miss Moscow? Yes and no. I think we can choose how we feel. We can cry for past and […]

How to Overcome Culture Shock in a Foreign Country

You live in another country and things are not the same here. The sooner you accept this fact, the better!