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What do I miss in America?

What do I miss in America? I don't crave Russian food at all and if I do, it's easy to find. There is only one thing I really miss...

Why do I want to move?

I love real estate! I follow trends and prices, I check out open houses in the neighborhoods I like. It's obvious - I want to move!

How to relax after moving

I moved so many times in my life! Last time I moved several weeks ago and this month I am moving again... Moving is a stressful process and I'd like to share my tips on how to relax after it's over.

Tips for the first time movers

There is a long check-list for first time movers but our tips will help you!

Russian Small Talk

The art of small talk. Difference between Russian and American mentality.

How Moving Companies Calculate Costs

Let's talk about factors that contribute to the cost of moving and how moving companies calculate costs...

10 Reasons To Hate Los Angeles

10 Reasons To Hate Los Angeles: air pollution, traffic, dirty beaches, cold ocean, stoned people, cold weather and much more....

10 Reasons To Love Los Angeles

10 Reasons To Love Los Angeles - climate, culture, food, people, nature, views and people...

What Makes a Great Neighborhood?

What Makes a Great Neighborhood?
10 features of a great neighborhood:

Walkability. How friendly the neighborhood to walking? Are you able to walk to grocery stores? Pharmacy? Are there cafes and restaurants in the walking distance? Banks? Dry cleaning? Movie theaters? Infrastructure is very important factor of well-being.

Safety. You should feel safe all the time — whether […]

10 Reasons to hate Moscow

We started with 10 Reasons to love Moscow and today we'll talk about 10 reasons to hate Moscow.