9 Years in America — I have fun!

For some reasons Russian people think that we and Americans have very similar mentality. We don’t.

I’ve been living in America for 9 years and still cannot get used that strangers greet each other on the street. For the first years I almost jumped in the air when passing by people would smile and say «Hi, how are you?». In Moscow I would say «Hi» only to my neighbors and people I knew but here you can walk on Wilshire boulevard or Rodeo Drive and people say «Hi» to total strangers. And I don’t live in Los Angeles not in some remote town is Kansas. But I got used to that! I love human interaction.

I have fun!

I have fun!

My most overused words are «I have fun!» or «Oh My God, I have so much fun!» — wherever I go, whatever I do, fun is the very important. After nice weekend I tell my husband that I had fun. If I want to go somewhere I say «Let’s get some fun»! It’s not Russian. Russian culture doesn’t teach us to have fun. Russian classic literature is devoted to suffering — our heroes are always suffering and bad people enjoy.

Americans are trained to look for fun since the day they were born! And I am used to that now, too. I am looking for fun every day and I have tons of fun in America like everybody else. When I go to Moscow I sometimes feel like screaming «Let’s have fun, don’t be so serious!»

In America I smile a lot — ask my dermatologist about «false American smile» when I go to get my botox fix! I would have much less wrinkles in Moscow but I love fun so much, I don’t care!