While moving you need a car for the first few weeks or for the first month. In some places public transport is good enough to swap using your “sweetie” for a bus and other places not. As for me, a cazMu4DAfRyCEr is the second most important item on my moving list. I have had many problems with rental companies in different countries, so now I have 5 simple points to remember.

Point 1: Never rent a car without a preliminary booking on the Internet.

The prices can be twice as much and services half as good.

Point 2: Print your booking documents.

Your laptop, iPhone or tablet can let you down and you will not be able to see and show your rights if it is necessary.

Point 3: Always check whether have you full insurance or not

This is an example of our  seconS90fdbf-HCcd point when you need your documents. Note that they can ask you again at the company office to pay for the insurance. You should show that you have already paid for it.

Point 4: Check the car for scratches and for the a full tank of fuel.

Make sure all the scratches are noted in a special document and take photos of the car if there are several of scratches. When you give the car back, take a photo of the fuel gauge, to show you have filled up the tank.

Point 5: Check your arrival time.

The company office may be closed when you arrive (if you collect the car at the airport). You should arrange with the company how you will get the keys.


Сar of my dream :)

And just be confident and don`t let anyone con you.